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Refer a mate to See It Through and each receive an additional 50MB storage FREE

It's simple. Refer somebody to the See It Through service and receive an additional 50MB storage for yourself and your referral. You can tell them about this great See It Through offer using the Helpdesk Ticket which will contain your domain name as the referrer:

 Hint : You may also sign up for a second account as a referral to receive 50MB additional storage FREE.


50MB additional storage will be granted when a customer signs up for service and lists an existing See It Out user as their account referrer.
Both the referrer and the referral accounts must be active before 50MB additional storage is provisioned.

Backdated Participation - if you forgot to list referrer information on your account set up, you may do so within 14 days of your sign up.

Submit both the referrer and the referral domain name Submit a Ticket.

Mate program
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